Client Objectives/Goals

  • Obtain Ten-Thousand Instagram followers before the companies second anniversary;

  • Increase the levels of impressions and reach;

  • Increase the amount of likes a views on post;


  • Lifestyle/Brands

Our Strategy

  • Developed a social media analytics tracking calendar to see the consistency and the improvements.

  • All post were posted on strategic timeline developed by the hours the clients appeared most on social media.

  • Developed unique content that related back to the clients brand, but also content that applied to the target audience. Which contributed to the increasing number of likes and views.


  • Following increased from seven followers a week to over one hundred and fifty a week.

  • Video views increased from thirty to ninety thousand.

  • impressions increased from a thousand to over eighty-thousand.

  • Met the goal of Ten-Thousand followers before the expected date.

Yard Talk 101 (Brand)

+6,000 growth in following

4-month time frame

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