Materialize your brand vision and enhance your engagement with your audience!

Why You Need a Publicist:

You must be in your first 6-months of business or beyond if you are reading this. At this point in your business you are ready to send the right messages to the right place and the right people. You are interested in  creating a stronger brand reputation.

The efforts you've been taking haven't improved your business outcome of generating new leads (i.e. clients, investors, media placements etc.) Maybe your messaging is clear and it's effecting your company's key messaging and brand identity.

Meanwhile, others in your industry are being seen as thought leaders, getting exposure, reaching their target audience, their profiles are increasing and reputation is cultivating?

In short - you know you have what IT takes you just need a few communications strategies in place to reach those goals!

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Capabilities We Use To Achieve Your Success

With years of experience in communications and marketing, we've been able to help the most unique brands and businesses reach their desired goals through strategic and planned communications strategies.

Public Relations

Media Relations

Branding + Positioning 

Social Media Marketing

Image Consulting + Creative Directing

B2B Marketing

Social Impact

Crisis + Reputation Management

Endorsements + Sponsorship

Start-Up Development

Talent Services

Influencer Marketing

B2C Marketing


$596 VALUE

Publicist In Your Pocket Strategy Sessions


The strategy call is the best option for you if…

  • Your not looking for a long term commitment 

  • Your not interested in signing a contract 

  • Your not ready to spend thousands of dollars a month on a retainer 

+ ALL Strategy Calls Recorded for client replay purposes


+ (4) 1- hr strategy call(s) 

+ One-time brand audit (Competitive + Consumer + SWOT Analysis) 

+ (1) Assignment is given per call (To ensure the client is executing the strategy successfully.) 

+ (Plug + Play) - Pitch & Press release template will be provided (templates are your guide to crafting the perfect pitch and new worth announcement.) Pointers for Pitch & Press Releases will be provided.

+ Developing clearer goals, profitable & exposure driven strategies for the following:

- Social Media 

- Digital Marketing 

- Public Relations

This is for you if…

✅ You have a legitimate business.

✅ Have set goals you’d like to accomplish.

✅ You’ve tried your own strategies and are still uncertain on how to achieve your desired goal.

✅ You have a clear brand message & story.

✅ You are dedicated to executing the strategies you’re provided with.

This isn’t for you if…

❌ You aren’t open minded to new suggestions and strategies.

❌ You don’t have a clear vision of your end goal.

❌ How you achieve your goals are influenced by others who aren’t experts.

❌ You don’t have a do It yourself attitude

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