"Teaching you what the classroom won't"

 Learning from the top producing Public Relations Professionals.

  • Becoming a Publicist is a 6-week online cohort that will equip aspiring public relations professionals with the skills and techniques needed in areas relevant to career needed experience, that they weren’t taught in the classroom. 

  • With the becoming a publicist cohort we are challenging you to immerse yourself in real-world challenges of public relations, self and industry assessments, and 360-degree feedback from future colleagues and peers.

  • This cohort will help you develop various strategies, organizations for innovation, and the proper skills to become a publicist.

6-Week Becoming a Publicist Cohort 

During the 6-weeks, you will be invited to immerse yourself in real-world challenges of Public Relations, Self and industry related assessments in order to obtain the proper skills needed in the PR field..

This cohort is for you if… 

✔️ you have plans on becoming a public relations professional 

✔️ you believe the classroom hasn’t prepared you properly to step into the field successfully 

✔️  you know there’s more to learn and you’re ready 

✔️ You have a strong interest in working in Entertainment or Corporate public relations

This cohort isn’t for you if….

❌ You have no plans on entering the public relations field 

❌ you don’t have time to complete the course work 

❌ you dislike online courses 

❌ you think public relations is an easy way to make money 

One-time $99.99 tuition fee OR 49.99 for students with active student email!

Public Relations 101

Public Relations: Essentials 

Public Relations:  Press Runs 

Public Relations: Campaigning

Public Relations: Crisis Management 

Public Relations: Guide to being a Publicist