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Turning your vision into reality, through Strategic Communications, Marketing and Branding...

"Working with PR guru Milan Mobley was one of the greatest and humbling experiences of my life. She taught me how to construct my vision and use it in the best possible way. She taught me patience and the core values of being an entrepreneur and a boss. UManagment is the most professional and dedicated PR company that I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

— Stephanie Shipley, N.U. Music ENT.


Return on Investment

With your investment into our agency, we been known to help the most unique brands turn their desired visions and goals into reality; through social impact, strategic branding campaigns, b2b marketing, and media relations. With our practices we've been able to accomplish these goals   organically without paying for advertisement; which in turn translates into sales, enhancement of their brands, local, national and international recognition.

"The energy, the charisma, and the love you receive from Umanagement is like no other. UMGMT is dedicated to assist their clientele makes their dreams come true. Being apart of this team provides you with opprotunites and experiences that helps you grow into the person you wish to be no matter your field of expertise. Umgmt, Thank you for starting this business and always being an inspiration."

— D.J. Dntmindthekid